Welcome to Rock Creek Elementary School

25700 Maple Valley-Black Diamond Road SE
Maple Valley, WA 98038
Phone:  425-413-3300

Fax:  425-432-8355

Safe Arrival / Pass Line:  425-413-3309



Rock Creek is an elementary school in the Tahoma School District in Washington State. We are located in Maple Valley, Washington.

Rock Creek is known for its innovative curriculum. Rock Creek integrates the curriculum with an emphasis on thinking skills, thinking behaviors, basic skills, the Tahoma Outcomes & Indicators and Washington State's Essential Learnings. The units of study for each grade are based on America (fall), the World (winter) and Scientific Systems (spring).


Important immunization information for parents of 5th graders:

                         Please click here for varicella (chickenpox) immunization information.

                         Please click here for Tdap immunization information.

         Please click here for information on Common School related Childhood Illnesses.



August 4th – August 29th**:     8:00 AM – 2:30 PM

** August 25th Closed

Upcoming Dates to Remember!
August 26th

2:00 PM - 2nd Grade Meet/Greet

3:00 PM - 1st Grade Meet/Greet

August 27th

3:00 PM - 4th Grade Meet/Greet

3:00 PM - 5th Grade Meet/Greet

3:30 PM - 3rd Grade Meet/Greet

September 2nd

First Day of School  (1st Grade - 5th Grade)

September 5th

First Day of School  (Kindergarten)

October 1st

KCLS - Fall Award Booktalk Visits

October 2nd

KCLS - Fall Award Booktalk Visits

October 14th 2nd Grade Field Trip - Pioneer Farms  (Classes TBD)
October 16th 2nd Grade Field Trip - Pioneer Farms  (Classes TBD)
Supply Lists!

Krissy Riggs

Allie Hayes

Beth Mosti

Lisa Fickel

1st Grade

Stephanie Clement/Aliment

Sarah Brady

Alynne Durkan

Patty Kiffer

Diane Mitchell

Susan Noonan

2nd Grade

Jeff Brennan

Elizabeth Gomez

Lisa Crider

Linda Parker-Roberts

Cheryl Peerenboom

Nani Sipila

Julie McGrath

3rd Grade

Stacy Cierkowski

Kim Fitzpatrick

Melissa Flatt

Kay Hoffman

Rachelle Rose

Tom Tschirhart

4th Grade

George Czarnowski

Karen Nickel

Jonathan Hartke

Cari Schmidt

Jodel Kovich

Kim Schmitz

Amy Cassady

5th Grade All 5th Grade Teachers